Monday, January 18, 2010

Part 2: Skin Care

So i actually remembered that i need to do an entry on Skin Care. After my Nail Envy and TBS Spa Wisdom Foot Butter, i would start piling on skin care on my face.

Before i started this skin care regime a year ago, i actually use water to cleanse my face or sometimes, some pharmacy brand cleansers like Nivea or something. But after so many years of doing this, i realize my skin has some serious problem coming up like uneven skin tone and breakouts. U know, those tiny little red bumps that grows all over the forehead... My skin is also peeling near the mouth area and its really dry till i feel discomfort when i step out from the shower.

Then after much nagging from Sean to go for facial (I never went for facial till last year and my boyfriend have to nag me to go get one!) I obediently went for a trial at First Lady Beauty Centre. It cost me RM 38 and i hate it! Its so uncomfortable lying there. I can't sms. I can't play game on my phone. I basically have to keep my eyes close for the whole 3 hours but i can't sleep.

After that, i realize i really really need to take care of my skin already la. i am turning 23/24 soon.. if i don't start now, i would have to start with some anti aging skin care already. Since i also have some Jusco Cash Vouchers to use, I went to get myself my first ever counter brand skin care.
The highly raved Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop Moisturizer. So i skipped my cleanser and toner and use a moisturizer directly on my face. well, turns out that, i still have breakouts but not that serious and also my lips area is not that flaky anymore! So the RM 145 are worth it. I am on my 3rd jar now. One thing i don't really like it is that its packaging is in a glass jar. It gets really troublesome when i need to go travelling where i would need to scoop some out into tiny little jars. Another thing is that everytime i dip my fingers into this jar, i am so afraid my fingers would have bacteria or whatever dirty stuff and it would then be transferred into the jar and u know... ewwww!!! Other than that, its still my perfect moisturizer.

Prove that i really have 3 jars of my perfect moisturizer.

Next, i am searching for a perfect cleanser and toner to go with my Biotherm but i don't wish to pay that much money already la.. I don't know why but i just cannot spend so much on skin care before this. Then i discovered another brand for my toner!

The Clinique Clarifying Moisture Toner 2. Its 200ml and less than RM 70 i think. Ok lar.. still within my budget on toner. So i brought it home, start using it. Well, the packaging is not bad. The effects? its great to use with my Biotherm. So i guess its all worth it. And also, my breakouts miraculously disappear, my skin tone evens out, no more flaky skin and no more uncomfort feeling when i step out from the shower and when i wake up in the mornings. Even my beautician asked me whether i did facial somewhere else because even though i skipped like 3 months without a facial session, my skin improve tremendously.

okay so toner, checked. Moisturizer, checked. What else... oh yea my cleanser!!! I got the sample of Biotherm Bioource Hydra-Mineral Cleanser Toning Mousse. The name is a mouthful. so damn canggih! Well, its not cheap u know. i think its RM 90 for 150ml. But it lasted my quite long. Verdict: It goes perfectly okay with my other 2 skin care items. that is, the finish result are quite hydrating and soothing.

So after a year of using the above 3 skin care, my face are almost spotless now... hehe.. But i am damn busy at night now before i go to bed. so many things to slap on my body and face till sometimes, i am so lazy that i won't be bothered even though the products are in front of me.