Monday, January 18, 2010

So i actually remembered that i need to do an entry on Skin Care. After my Nail Envy and TBS Spa Wisdom Foot Butter, i would start piling on skin care on my face.

Before i started this skin care regime a year ago, i actually use water to cleanse my face or sometimes, some pharmacy brand cleansers like Nivea or something. But after so many years of doing this, i realize my skin has some serious problem coming up like uneven skin tone and breakouts. U know, those tiny little red bumps that grows all over the forehead... My skin is also peeling near the mouth area and its really dry till i feel discomfort when i step out from the shower.

Then after much nagging from Sean to go for facial (I never went for facial till last year and my boyfriend have to nag me to go get one!) I obediently went for a trial at First Lady Beauty Centre. It cost me RM 38 and i hate it! Its so uncomfortable lying there. I can't sms. I can't play game on my phone. I basically have to keep my eyes close for the whole 3 hours but i can't sleep.

After that, i realize i really really need to take care of my skin already la. i am turning 23/24 soon.. if i don't start now, i would have to start with some anti aging skin care already. Since i also have some Jusco Cash Vouchers to use, I went to get myself my first ever counter brand skin care.
The highly raved Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop Moisturizer. So i skipped my cleanser and toner and use a moisturizer directly on my face. well, turns out that, i still have breakouts but not that serious and also my lips area is not that flaky anymore! So the RM 145 are worth it. I am on my 3rd jar now. One thing i don't really like it is that its packaging is in a glass jar. It gets really troublesome when i need to go travelling where i would need to scoop some out into tiny little jars. Another thing is that everytime i dip my fingers into this jar, i am so afraid my fingers would have bacteria or whatever dirty stuff and it would then be transferred into the jar and u know... ewwww!!! Other than that, its still my perfect moisturizer.

Prove that i really have 3 jars of my perfect moisturizer.

Next, i am searching for a perfect cleanser and toner to go with my Biotherm but i don't wish to pay that much money already la.. I don't know why but i just cannot spend so much on skin care before this. Then i discovered another brand for my toner!

The Clinique Clarifying Moisture Toner 2. Its 200ml and less than RM 70 i think. Ok lar.. still within my budget on toner. So i brought it home, start using it. Well, the packaging is not bad. The effects? its great to use with my Biotherm. So i guess its all worth it. And also, my breakouts miraculously disappear, my skin tone evens out, no more flaky skin and no more uncomfort feeling when i step out from the shower and when i wake up in the mornings. Even my beautician asked me whether i did facial somewhere else because even though i skipped like 3 months without a facial session, my skin improve tremendously.

okay so toner, checked. Moisturizer, checked. What else... oh yea my cleanser!!! I got the sample of Biotherm Bioource Hydra-Mineral Cleanser Toning Mousse. The name is a mouthful. so damn canggih! Well, its not cheap u know. i think its RM 90 for 150ml. But it lasted my quite long. Verdict: It goes perfectly okay with my other 2 skin care items. that is, the finish result are quite hydrating and soothing.

So after a year of using the above 3 skin care, my face are almost spotless now... hehe.. But i am damn busy at night now before i go to bed. so many things to slap on my body and face till sometimes, i am so lazy that i won't be bothered even though the products are in front of me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its been long since the last time i blogged about something. but well, i am blogging now with a freaking huge news!! I will be getting married... yes u read it right. 我要嫁人了!!!!!

anyway.. that's not my main point in this post. I felt like writing this is because i realize after my 24th birthday i am actually turning into another phase into my life already. I am planning for my own wedding. Actually saving money so i could contribute some into my wedding deco and also some of the petty little things like some house deco. Am also starting to take better care of myself.

U know what's my pre-bed routine now? I would get home and take a hot shower and sit down here in front of my laptop cum dressing cum study table and start my routine. so i thought i would write it down here and read back maybe in 5 years time (if i still remember my password la... ) whether all these that i had been doing works or not.

And also, i include some of my personal experience on certain products.

First and foremost when i sat down, i would start applying this.
Yes. The Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener from OPI. This isn't cheap u know. It cost me RM 110 per bottle. Well, as some of u know, i teach piano and play the piano often. I also love to chew my nails... yea i know its dirty and full of germs and all. All of this above made my nails dry, brittle and soft. Since i wanted a pretty manicure with some pretty bridal nail art on it, my manicurist suggested that i use Nail Envy from now on so that it would strengthen my nails for the best result. I considered nail extensions initially but she said it would be too troublesome for me. So yea, I have been applying it every night on my finger and toe nails religiously for 3 weeks now. But the effect are still not that obvious. But one thing i do realise is that, the sides doesn't chip off layer by layer like last time.

2nd product after nail envy is this:

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Honey & Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter. RM 69. I have damn dry feet and i just don't understand why. Its been years and its getting worst. Its like my feet are 50 years old!!! Damn it! I realize i need to beautify it to do justice to my beautiful wedding shoes la...
So i seek advice and someone asked me to apply some really good moisturizing lotion and baby oil and wear socks to sleep. So i thought, baby oil should go with baby lotion isn't it? So i went out to buy Johnson's baby lotion and use up almost half a bottle and guess what.. NO EFFECT leh... damn pissed off.

So went to The Body Shop to check the products out and the SA recommended this. After much consideration, Sean said, "Buy la buy la... u go drink starbucks one week also more than this price already... " So off i pay and went home happily.

The scent is like.. well, the famous body shop sweet scent la. i don't know how to describe it. Read from a blog that it smelled "warm, sweet and buttery"... SWEAT!
The texture.. its really like butter. Not watery, not creamy.. just buttery.
The results is... SUPERB! After one week, i can actually feel and see the difference! It softens my skin and also it doesn't give me the dry and crackey feeling on my feet anymore!

to be continued if i remember...
Part 2: Skin Care...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've had this pasta soup for like 5-6 years ever since my aunt let me try it. She will deliver it to me whenever she cooks it and i will eat them for like 3-4 days... lol..
Since i have an induction cooker now, I am making it myself instead of asking my aunt to deliver to me.

Here is the recipe. (Its fairly easy and use minimum utensils.)

1 Chicken Breast. (Preferably with skin.)
1 Chicken Carcass (Thats what Cold Storage call it. Chinese call it 鸡壳 - Chicken Shell. Ask ur mum. She would know.)
2 cubes of Chicken Stock
1 can of Button Mushroom, sliced. (Have yet to try it with fresh ones.)
1 can of Ideal Evaporated Milk
1 can of Mushroom Soup
1 shredded carrot.
1 small cauliflower sliced into tiny pieces
1 diced garlic. (Not one pulp... oh what did u call it? I mean the whole thing... )
Cheese (I use 2 slices of cheddar cheese)

1. Fry garlic with a little butter in a huge pot. add in cauliflowers,carrots and button mushromos and fry till fragant. Take out thegarlic and veges and leave the oil in it.
2. Without washing the pot, boil Chicken Breast and Carcass with as little water as possible. This will make the soup even more tastier.
3. Remove the chicken breast once its cook and peel it into small little chicken shreds. Ignore the carcass first and let it simmer for a little while.
3. After the chicken soup is ready, put in Chicken Cubes, Mushroom Soup and leave it to boil.
4. After the liquid comes to a boil, put in veges, garlics, and the shredded chicken and boil again till veges turn soft.
5. Put in evaporated milk and cheese slices till the cheese melts. do not put in the evaporated milk first as it will have a lot of bubbles if u boil them for too long.
6. Turn off fire and ready to serve with cook pasta.

For the pasta, I use spirals or shells... easier to eat with just a spoon. The texture of the soup should be around the texture of the evaporated milk.

Alternatively, substitue chicken carcass with chicken breast but give the extra chicken breast to your dog... HAHA!

I do not use salt as the almost everything in the ingredients is salty.

Store the soup separately and freeze it. It can be kept for up to 2 weeks.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy birthday my darling...

U were Xu Theu. But mum says it sounds like F***. So we call u Darling.

Since u are so cheeky, we call u Naughty Boy!

U were infected with Kutu. Hence, Kutuboy!

Although u injured your leg, has no testicles, has dracula teeth and a lot more, i still u and give u the best.

Happy First Birthday Darling!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

RIP: Stephy

There's a blog i often read. Its

Eric has 3 Miniature Schnauzer. Stephy, Ally and Fatty. Stephy is the mother of Ally and Fatty. She is turning 5 next month. After calculating, she is approximately 35 years old human years.

Stephy died on the 20th July 2009 due to an accident.

I pray that she will be reunited with her lost puppy.. (Is it Chillies?).. and Ally and Fatty's father.

Rest in peace Stephy. I will always remember u..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


我以前有一位钢琴老师。妈妈请她到家里来叫我弹琴。 我没有很尊重老师,还常常不做功课,每次上课都被骂!但有一件事是我一直以来都有做的,就是每当老师到我家时,我都会向老师请安,而且会倒一杯水给她。

现在的孩子啊, 真得不懂得什么是尊师重道。连孩子家里的佣人都懂得称呼我一声。“hi, teacher”,“Good Morning”, “Apa khabar Teacher”。


我重来没听见这群学生,主动地叫我一生,或更我问好。更不要说要劳烦他们用宝贵时间倒一杯水给我喝。上课时,问他们明不明白,也只是点头或摇头。教他们倒杯水还不如自己带水去。面的学生要拉大嗓子叫佣人,“Kakak! Bawa air untuk cikgu”! 有时真的觉得“晒气”。

有一位富家子弟,今年9岁。照理应该很容易教。可是,他遗传了妈妈的性格。斤斤计较。连上课的时间,少一分一秒都会更他妈报告。 他4pm放学。人住 Sg Buloh 却在市中心 Jalan Kuching 读名校。5pm 由司机在回家。他妈给他三十分的时间冲凉,吃点心。5.30pm 上我的课到 6.15pm 。6.30pm 请了补习老师上门补习。8pm 补完习,吃晚餐。8.30pm 做功课。练琴。10pm 上床睡觉。6am 起身上学。可怜的孩子啊。怪不得他已经在倒数下个月的学校假期还有几天呢。哦!还有,忘了告诉你。我叫了半年还没见过他家长呢!妈妈更我是电话联络的。佣人负责把学费交给我。


今天上完课,我更他说:“bye bye, see u next week.” 他竟然没回答我。只顾着玩它的手机游戏。当我很不爽的责问他是不是不会道谢很说再见,他竟然点头而已。完全没补上他应该说的话。


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Been cooking a few dishes recently since me and sean are really tired of eating out. So in the evenings, i would go Jusco to buy some raw stuff to cook. I tried Carbonara which turns out too watery. I also cooked Gingko Barley Foo Chuk (腐竹白果薏米) last sunday which turns out PERFECT!! hehe... :P
Today's dinner is Brocolli with Sweet Peas and Seafood and Spam... (Luncheon Meat or 午餐肉).

So while shopping for something to cook at Cold Storage the other day.. i decided to make Tiramisu. A simple and easy "pick me up"...

Ingredients are as the picture below.

Eggs, coffee, Lady Fingers, Mascarpone Cheese and Sugar

Sounds easy eh? hehe... The preparation time is around 20 min if u have an electrice beater. Mascarpone Cheese and Lady Fingers can be found at Cold Storage. I don't see them in Jusco, Tesco, or Carre4 anyway...

Substitute for Mascarpone Cheese are Cream Cheese while substitute for Lady Fingers are Sponge Cake.

First, beat egg yolks and 2 tablespoon sugar in a bowl. slowly add in mascarpone cheese. Beat till stiff.
Beat egg whites with a pinch of salt in a separate bowl till soft peaks forms. Slowly fold egg whites into the Cheese mixture.

Prepare a strong cup of black coffee or you can ta pau some Espresso from Starbucks (around 5-6 shots with 5-6 shots of water). Pour the coffee into a flat plate. Dip lady fingers in the coffee and quickly arrange it into the container. Pour a layer of cheese evenly on top and then repeat by a layer of Lady fingers then cheese and so on till its done.

Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top to garnish.

Basically, i use 1 tablespoon of Nescafe Gold for every half cup of water. u can actually omit the sugar cuz lady fingers are sweet already. Cocoa powder can be omitted too. U can either serve it in a cup or cake pan.. Up to u.. i put it in a cake pan and used a spoon to eat.. lol...

If u were to use sponge cake.. just cut the sponge cake into an inch thick, deep into coffee, and do it layer by layer.

I use 20" cake pan and i can only do one layer of finger and one layer of cheese. The ingredients are expensive. The Mascarpone cheese is around RM20 and the Lady fingers are RM 7-8...

Lastly, the taste... well i would say its more cheesy and have a stronger coffee taste than those served in the cafe and cake shops. Some cake shops dont use lady fingers while some use a lot of "unidentified stuff" in the cheese mixture making it taste like NO CHEESE.

Plz search for another recipe if u were to use Cream Cheese to be safe. Tee Hee...